The Decision


After much research and contemplating, I decided to actively consider having the gastric sleeve or bypass surgery. What inspired me to research??? From the start of puberty; I was always equipped with a few extra pounds ( which in my family, culture, even friend circle) wasnt a bad thing. I guess I was in the line for big boobs and a nice bottom ( oh!, and tummies) when God decided to design my human body, lol. What inspired my decision to go ahead and take this journey?? My doctors strongly suggested to consider this as a jump-start to developing and living a different (more healthy ) life and to prevent or slow the onset of diseases and conditions–and increase the longevity of my life.

 Secondly, my mom had the surgery just over a year ago; she as a person who has been managing diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol for over 10 years; decided to go ahead take a chance and plan to reduce or do away with all of the day-to-day medication management.

And last but definitely most important; I was ( actually, better yet) i am scared to develop all of the problems/diseases that I just mentioned that has continued to thread itself through the maternal and paternal sides of my family. In PLAIN english; scared as hell! Especially after dealing with cancers of the reproductive system – I had been told that my steadily increasing weight would continue to increase my risk to develop cancer over and over again ( MORE ON THIS IN A FUTURE POST!)

Now, I must be very clear – with all of the knowledge regarding my genetic predisposition to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, andcancer –   I had not found a long-term way to reduce my weight and make it a lifestyle to manage it and keep it down. I had more years of unhealthy eating habits and poor exercise participation than I had knowledge. I had made subtle changes but definitely not enough to make a significant reduction in my weight.

GGS Learned Truth: The more you weigh ; the more hormones your body produces ( and sadly, this can lead to hormonal imbalances and result in further imbalance in the body. I,personally, look at the Big C as a sign of imbalance.)

Now, that is the general background of how I ended up making this decision.

For me, Bariatric surgery became A CHOICE.

Now, Bariatric surgery has become a part of my JOURNEY.

And looking ahead, Bariatric surgery will be the beginning of a new LIFESTYLE .

—-Girl Gone Sleevy (GGS)


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