A Girl Gone Sleevy

Its a choice…

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Why a blog? – you ask?! ( or maybe you didnt but I will tell you anyway, lol)

I am starting this blog to add to the many candid voices of those who chose to have bariatric surgery. Those who have been vulnerable enough to share their experiences and those who are open to receiving guidance and inspiration as they  ventured throughout their process.

I am starting this blog as a way to capture my journey for me; reflection is so important-  I will likely say and explain this often.

I am starting this blog to hold myself accountable!

A few years ago, I never thought I would have considered a surgical procedure to help with achieving a healthier weight. Honestly, I hadnt heard much about gastric procedures outside of a bypass and I was for certain I didnt fall in that category of “needing” it.

Ha! And they say “Ignorance is bliss”- No, whats blissful?- knowing, doing, and living with intention, purpose, clarity, and freedom—thats BLISS!

Okay, okay before I go on a rant …I will say Welcome again.




The Decision


After much research and contemplating, I decided to actively consider having the gastric sleeve or bypass surgery. What inspired me to research??? From the start of puberty; I was always equipped with a few extra pounds ( which in my family, culture, even friend circle) wasnt a bad thing. I guess I was in the line for big boobs and a nice bottom ( oh!, and tummies) when God decided to design my human body, lol. What inspired my decision to go ahead and take this journey?? My doctors strongly suggested to consider this as a jump-start to developing and living a different (more healthy ) life and to prevent or slow the onset of diseases and conditions–and increase the longevity of my life.

 Secondly, my mom had the surgery just over a year ago; she as a person who has been managing diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol for over 10 years; decided to go ahead take a chance and plan to reduce or do away with all of the day-to-day medication management.

And last but definitely most important; I was ( actually, better yet) i am scared to develop all of the problems/diseases that I just mentioned that has continued to thread itself through the maternal and paternal sides of my family. In PLAIN english; scared as hell! Especially after dealing with cancers of the reproductive system – I had been told that my steadily increasing weight would continue to increase my risk to develop cancer over and over again ( MORE ON THIS IN A FUTURE POST!)

Now, I must be very clear – with all of the knowledge regarding my genetic predisposition to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, andcancer –   I had not found a long-term way to reduce my weight and make it a lifestyle to manage it and keep it down. I had more years of unhealthy eating habits and poor exercise participation than I had knowledge. I had made subtle changes but definitely not enough to make a significant reduction in my weight.

GGS Learned Truth: The more you weigh ; the more hormones your body produces ( and sadly, this can lead to hormonal imbalances and result in further imbalance in the body. I,personally, look at the Big C as a sign of imbalance.)

Now, that is the general background of how I ended up making this decision.

For me, Bariatric surgery became A CHOICE.

Now, Bariatric surgery has become a part of my JOURNEY.

And looking ahead, Bariatric surgery will be the beginning of a new LIFESTYLE .

—-Girl Gone Sleevy (GGS)